On a very grey damp day today, I played with my wireless shutter trigger and some remote flashes to photograph Bluetits in the garden.  Mainly trying to work out how best to use it before I set up a better bird table arrangement.  One example photo below.

Spent yesterday afternoon at Bransbury Common near Andover.  Surprisingly I'd never heard of it before given how close to home it is.  A Hen Harrier, Great Grey Shrike, Short Eared Owls and 3 Barn Owls have all been seen there over the last week.

I arrived at midday.  A male Hen Harrier was out hunting on and off for a couple of hours from 13:00.  And the first Barn Owl appeared at about 14:00 with the second an hour later.  All very distant, but good light so the photos are okayish - see below.

I also learnt of a near by tree in Mottisfont where Barn Owls regularly roost.  I shall seek that out soon.

For 2015, I'm not going to attempt a Yearlist.  Instead, I'm going to focus on improving my photography and taking more "interesting" photos.  So I have created this blog page which I'll be using to record the year.

For what it's worth, last year's "decent photo yearlist" was at exactly 140.  Slightly higher if I include the rubbishy photos I got of other birds.  2014 ended quite nicely with some good shots of Dartford Warblers and Hawfinches.  They didn't add to the yearlist, but I'm quite pleased with the results - see below.