Popped down to Arne early this morning to see what was about.  Watervoles, Dragonflies, Damselflies,young Greater Spotted Woodpeckers and Grasshoppers.

Another year where I've failed to get any decent Purple Emperor photos in the woods.  A few seen, but none grounded for a good purple photo.  Here's a Sliver-Washed Fritillary from yesterday.

Finally from Skomer, some Puffin photos.  A lot of Puffin photos in fact.  Spent most of my time trying to get nice in-flight shots, some of which I'm very happy with.  But I've included a few of my other favourite shots, including one of a Puffling emerging from its burrow (the first few Pufflings were starting to emerge on our last day on the island).

A few further shots from Skomer.  Lesser Black Backed Gull, Meadow Pipit, Razorbill, Seal, Wheatear.

Spent two nights on Skomer Island this week.  Weather rather good - much nicer than last year.  So coming up will be a series of posts of things on Skomer.  First up, Little Owls.  The pair had 4 chicks fledge apparently.  Very dificult to confirm this as there was only normally one visible.  Still, these are my shots of one of the juvenile Little Owls, plus a record shot of 3 of them together.