Heard the first Chiffchaffs of the year in the woods this week, and went out for a photo today.  Also, a Long Tailed Tit, and a pair of Marsh Tits.  We've had Marsh Tits on the garden feeders this Winter, but this is the first time I've seen them in the woods.

Went to have a quick look at the Salisbury Cathedral Peregrines first thing.  Both adults about, but not a huge amount of action and no food being brought in yet.  Will need to try again in a few weeks I think.

I then went off to look for Goshawks in the woods.  Only managed a single sighting, but quite nice views.

Also, lots of Firecrest singing today in the woods.  Starting to feel like Spring.

A day out in Dorset today, taking advantage of a relatively sunny day without too much wind.  First stop Radipole in Weymouth where I managed to find a Penduline Tit. Got a few nice photos.  But by the time I'd put the message out on Twitter and others turned up, it had gone in to hiding.

Also at Radipole, a Bearded Tit and Long Tailed Tit.

Late morning I popped into Arne.  Wind was picking up, but found a Treecreeper.  And on the the other side of Middlebere, there was a very active Firecrest near the National Trust hide.  Difficult to get a clean photo, but managed a couple.

Finally managed to get out in some decent sun light and do a bit of birding.  Popped into Salisbury Plain mid afternoon.  Saw a single Merlin (no photo), but this Short Eared Owl was hunting in the sun for about 30 minutes.  Nice to see there are still a few about, although this year doesn't seem to have been anywhere near as good as previous years.

I haven't done much birding or photography over the last couple of months - poor weather hasn't helped.  Hopefully will get to do some more soon, but until then, here's a Sparrowhawk in out back garden this afternoon.  My first bird photo of 2020.