Early this morning I took my first trip out with the camera for a while.  Spotted an adult Tawny Owl hunting in daylight at about 08:00.  Didn't manage any photos, but did spot three Owlets in a tree near by.

Also, a few snaps of male and female Redstarts, and a Wren.

Siskin added to the garden lockdown list.  Last few days we've been getting a pair come of a drink in the pond and a quick feed late afternoon.

Red Kite nice and low over the garden this morning.

Day 4, Carrion Crow added.  (Chasing a Red Kite, but Red Kite was already on the list).  Total now at 22.

I can hear Yellowhammer, Skylark and Goldcrest, but can't get sight of any of them yet.

Day 3, a few more added, albeit some pretty distant views.  Total now at 21.