Another Hen Harrier out on Salisbury Plain this afternoon.  This time a ringtail.


Salisbury Plain has seemed rather quiet the last couple of months compared to this time last year.  I haven't even managed to see a Short Eared Owl yet this Autumn.  But did manage a nice adult male Hen Harrier this morning, and a juvenile Merlin.  And a Kestrel.

Occasionally in Autumn and Winter Black Redstarts hang around Salisbury Cathedral, so I popped down today to see if any had turned up yet.  Managed to find just the one after about an hour of looking.  Very high up and difficult to spot, but nice to find one for myself.

A few snaps of some of the fungi found in the woods this morning.

For the last few years I've visited Lyme Regis in Spring - always Dippers to be seen, but quite timid and usually hanging about in the heavily shaded areas.  But this year, I went in October, and there were two Dippers very active on the river, right down to the mill in the town.  Much easier to see at this time of year it seems.  Also, an Eider duck that makes it home in the harbour at Lyme Regis in winter.