A few snaps of one of Badgers in our garden from last night.  They seem completely unbothered by lights, or the sound of the camera clicking away.  Three Badgers seem to be coming and going through most of the night.

For a while now we've been getting badgers in the garden.  I didn't really realise they were coming pretty much every night.  Tonight I spotted two fairly early on, so took a few photos of one of them.  Used a torch for illumination - they didn't seem to be bothered by it at all.

Finally managed to track down a Purple Emperor in the woods today.  A little tatty, so I photographed his good side.

Also, a couple more Purple Hairstreak photos from earlier in the week.

Out in the woods this afternoon looking for Purple Emperors.  No luck, but did see a Purple Hairstreak - about 2 weeks earlier than one would normally expect to start see them.

A brief trip to Salisbury Cathedral yesterday morning to see the Peregrines.  Two of the 4 youngsters flying about a bit, and one of the adults bringing in food.