Out in the woods this afternoon looking for Purple Emperors.  No luck, but did see a Purple Hairstreak - about 2 weeks earlier than one would normally expect to start see them.

A brief trip to Salisbury Cathedral yesterday morning to see the Peregrines.  Two of the 4 youngsters flying about a bit, and one of the adults bringing in food.

Two yound Great Spotted Woodpeckers now appearing regularly in our garden, along with both parents.  Some photos from yesterday evening.

An early morning walk along the Dorset Coastal Path from Durlston to Dancing Ledge today.  Very quiet out there - we walked about 15km and passed only 5 or 6 other walkers in total.  Spotted my first South Coast Puffins.  At least 3 present near Dancing Ledge.  Always very distant and hard to spot from the cliff tops, but still nice to see.

Also, a range of other wildlife about....

A pair of Peregrines passed a few times but I was never quick enough to get the camera on to them, so no photos today.

Lots of Dartford Warblers about in the New Forest this morning - more than I've ever seen in the past.  A few Cuckoos, but no photos.