I've been aware of a Robin nest in the hedge at the back of the garden for a couple of weeks now, but didn't realise the chicks were so close to fledging.  Three youngsters appeared in the garden today, and already feeding themselves quite well with the occasional extra bit from the parents.

Loads of Firecrests have started singing in the woods over the last week or so.  This one was particularly active this afternoon - and right at the entrance to the woods (about as close to our house as we're ever likely to get a Firecrest).

And a few photos from the last week or so.  Sparrowhawk with Goldfinch in our back garden.  Blackcap at Ham Wall. Chiffchaff in the woods.

Walked out to check on the Tawny Owl in the woods this afternoon.  Still there, and showing very nicely in the sun.  Recently its been more visible in the afternoons than the mornings.  Second photo shows how hard it is to spot when it shuffles down into the tree.

Back out watching the Goshawks and Hawfinches again.

An early walk through the woods this morning.  Buzzards, Goshawks, Sparrowhawk and lots of Hawfinches.  Also, lots of frogspawn and my first Brimstone butterfly of the year.