Walked out to check on the Tawny Owl in the woods this afternoon.  Still there, and showing very nicely in the sun.  Recently its been more visible in the afternoons than the mornings.  Second photo shows how hard it is to spot when it shuffles down into the tree.

Back out watching the Goshawks and Hawfinches again.

An early walk through the woods this morning.  Buzzards, Goshawks, Sparrowhawk and lots of Hawfinches.  Also, lots of frogspawn and my first Brimstone butterfly of the year.

Am thinking I might do a 2021 Bird List.  So started off today with trying to get Hawfinches in the wood - some luck, although very distant and flighty birds.  Also a Nuthatch.  And I thought I should pop off to Salisbury Plain briefly this afternoon (despite the poor light) to make sure I got Short Eared Owl on the list while they're still around.

Final Owls of 2020.  Short Eared Owl on Salisbury Plain on Monday, and our local Tawny Owl in his usual spot in the woods this morning.