Went out looking for Crossbills and Owls this morning with no luck.  But did see this Grey Wagtail in rather nice light at one of the ponds in the wood.

I've been out in the woods a few days now searching for Crossbills - and finally managed to track down a flock of 6.  Rather distant, but now I know where to look I'l be back.  Also found where a Tawny Owl is roosting in the day (spotted 3 days in a row), but impossible to photograph it seems.

Back out on Salisbury Plain this afternoon.  Barn Owl still about in nice light.  Plus 4 Short Eared Owls - managed photos of one of them.

Got in a bit of owl watching on Salisbury Plain this afternoon before the next lockdown.  Was expecting Short Eared Owls, but only saw one of those very briefly and only once it was too dark for photos.  However, this Barn Owl was out and about from 16:00 and did a few loops around the car.

Early start to try and spot Otters on the River Stour this morning.  Didn't see any, but loads of Kingfishers about.